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Sponsor young world leaders to the United Nations

IPPI is committed to introducing young people to the United Nations.

This transformative experience has a profound impact, reshaping their perception of what they can achieve in the world. It empowers them by showcasing possibilities and envisioning themselves in influential roles.

Angel Fund

For survivors of abuse and exploitation, the road to safety, stability and self-sufficiency is filled with barriers. With your support, the Angel Fund helps remove those obstacles with essential assistance when it’s needed most.

Whether it’s funds for a rental deposit, car repairs and transportation, or other fundamental needs, the Angel Fund provides support when community, state and federal resources have been exhausted. We work hand-in-hand with victims’ advocates and case managers to fill gaps, so survivors can look ahead with restored dignity and hope for the future.

We provide critical relief to individuals of Shawnee County who are working to rise above their circumstances. As the Angel Fund grows, we aim to extend our reach even further. But none of this is possible without donors who share our mission that no survivor should be left struggling alone. Your contribution helps deliver them from harm’s way towards the fresh start they deserve.

Please consider becoming an Angel investor today. Any amount you can give will provide light through their darkest nights.